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Evolution of the Smartphone 1

It is not wrong to say that mobile phones have become a life companion however it wasn’t always like this. The evolution of mobile phones can be traced back to 1983 and it wasn’t until 1992 that the global adoption of mobile phones started and they were no longer restricted to business class only. Many companies came forward to bring feature phones with the built-in camera, mobile internet, calculator, alarm clock, games and much more, the transition from monochrome layout to multicolor layout paved its way into consumer’s life. For many years feature phones remained the primary source of communication. The advancement in technology then invented Smartphones and it immediately started to attract the masses. Year after year there has been a new innovation in technology making mobile phones more affordable and readily available.

Today, mobile phones have become the most captivating technology to conduct different tasks in no time just on the palm of our hands. It provides the main medium of communication around the globe whether it be phone calls, messages, emails, video calls or E-commerce. Smartphones have become a necessity in our hasty lives that it seems like there is a whole new world in this small device connecting you with people or loved ones through social media anywhere in the world.

Evolution of the Smartphone 2

Mobile phones are uber devices that serve numerous functions. The utilization of mobile phones has increased so much in recent times that everything is just a touch away let it be ordering food at home, paying bills, shopping online, taking pictures, directing through GPS, traveling or conducting business. With the increase in the use of smartphones and internet, the E-commerce business has become more indispensable than ever. Smartphones aim to attract different age groups by providing all sorts of information or knowledge related to study, entertainment and games.

The list of smartphone users is increasing every day. Everyone is so concerned about which phone to buy, their specifications, performance, and design. A perfect example of the evolution of smartphones is Xiaomi phones with picture perfect high-quality front and rear cameras, a long-lasting battery time, smooth touch screen with high-resolution graphics, large storage capacity and an operating system that allows you to multi-task without any interruption.  Xiaomi dual sim phones offer great value for money at very low cost. If you are interested in buying a new phone; Alezay store is the best platform that will spoil you by offering a wide range of choices with the best online shopping experience. Moreover, the mode of payment is incredibly simple and secure ensuring authenticity.


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